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Mercerdale Hillside

Green Marker
47.581717 -122.23501
Mercer Island, WA 98040 (King County)

Mercer Island is graced with 35 parks, over 300 acres of natural areas, and more than 50 miles of trails. Popular among joggers, walkers, and families, Mercerdale Hillside provides an urban open space experience for residents of all ages.  However, the natural area has become over-run with non-native ivy, laurel and holly which threaten its ecological diversity.  Volunteers will be crucial to the restoration of this local forest by returning over the next few years to remove invasive plants, plant native conifers, and support the growth of these young trees.  Through these persistent and targeted efforts by volunteers, Mercerdale Hillside will be become, once more, an ecologically diverse forest.

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