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Kayak Mercer SloughYou don't have to go far to get out in the Greenway. Just a few minutes from downtown Bellevue, you can kayak through a wetland. What else might you do in the Greenway? Picnic in the soft grass at Marymoor Park. Be cooled by the fine spray from majestic Snoqualmie Falls. Climb Little Si near North Bend. Feel the tug of a trout on your line at Rattlesnake Lake. Splash through a mud puddle on your mountain bike outside of Cle Elum.

The Greenway is a place you can touch, feel, experience.

And it's right here. Incredibly, one of the most extensive trail systems in the country is less than 20 minutes from a major metropolitan area. But tendrils of nature curl throughout the cities, too. It's one reason our region is consistently named one of the best places in the world to live.

Check out some of our favorite hikes.

Read more about Regional Trails, including a new video about building a trail through highly-urbanized Eastgate neighborhood in Bellevue.

Read more about Improving Trails.

Research the permits and passes you'll need.

Explore the Greenway to find your own outdoor adventure.

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