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Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley

The Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Basin is located just 45 minutes from downtown Seattle and holds huge potential as a major recreation destination with its rugged mountain peaks, expansive forests, a wild river, and prime wildlife habitat.

View of the Middle Fork Valley

The Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley is a treasure for anyone living in or visiting the greater Seattle area. A person seeking a day of adventure could leave downtown Seattle and, in less than an hour’s time, reach the gateway to pristine Cascades wilderness in the Middle Fork Valley. From there, that person could set out on any of dozens of trails leading to mountain peaks, hidden lakes, or old-growth forests.

This wilderness playground, 20 miles from the 15th largest metro in the nation, adds to our daily quality of life in a way that defies comparison to any other region. No other major population center stands so close to such vast, accessible, public natural lands.

Over the last two decades, the Middle Fork has been reclaimed from criminal misuse such as illegal dumping, rampant shooting, and hidden meth labs. Now, with a major road improvement project set to provide easy recreational access in late 2016 for the first time in generations, the Middle Fork faces a new challenge. With funding for public lands plummeting and outdoor recreation skyrocketing, how will we build the expanded infrastructure needed to accommodate a dramatic increase in visitation of the Middle Fork, beginning next year?

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Photo credit (top): Monty VanderBilt

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