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There are hundreds of thousands of acres of forest in the Greenway that provide numerous benefits to the region, offering access for a variety of uses; supporting the local and national economy; providing a variety of recreational opportunities to Greenway residents; ecosystem services, such as clean air and water; and excellent wildlife habitat.

View toward the Snoqualmie Forest

Since its inception, the Greenway Trust has supported public acquisition of both preserved and working forests.

Preserving forests near the city provides major benefits in addition to scenery and recreation. Public and private forests in the Greenway provide clean air, clean water and wildlife habitat. Trees shade streams, cooling the water and helping threatened salmon survive. Forests hold soils in place and filter pollutants from rain water.

Commercial forestry provides timber and wood products as well as jobs. Trust lands owned by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources such as Tiger Mountain State Forest and Raging River State Forest provide much-needed revenue for universities and local schools. The Snoqualmie Forest keeps 90,000 acres in forestry in King County. Multi-use Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest combine high-country recreation and working forests.

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