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Choose the curriculum that best complements your teaching plan and let us do the rest!

In-Class Lessons

We come to you. Choose a curriculum and contact us to set a date and time. The Greenway sends a specially-trained Educator to your classroom to teach a 1-hour science lesson. Prior to your class visit, we will send an Introductory Lesson to help prepare your students for the Greenway Educator's lesson.

Field Study Trips

You come to us. Students build on their in-class lesson with a 4-hour field study trip to a nearby forest. A field study trip is the best way to reinforce the concepts presented to students in the classroom. The majority of our field study trips take place at Tiger Mountain State Forest.

Reflective Lesson*

We revisit your classroom. Students make connections between their field study trip and protecting forests near their community. Students who participate in the 'Next Generation Stewards' or 'Forests and Fins' curriculum also complete their science journal.

*At this time, the reflective lesson is available for the 'Next Generation Stewards' and 'Forests and Fins' curriculums.

Service-Learning Stewardship Events

We meet in the middle. Service-learning stewardship events are a great way to further enrich student learning by providing them an opportunity to take action. Depending on the season, students may remove invasive plants, work in our native plant nursery, or plant native trees and shrubs.

All of our curriculums, unless otherwise noted in their description, include five parts that build upon each other to create a truly meaningful learning experience for your students.


Taught by:
1) Introductory Lesson

1 hour

Classroom teacher

2) In-class Lesson

1 hour

Greenway educator

3) Field Study Trip

4 hours Greenway educator

4) Extension Activities or Reflective Lesson

1 hour

Classroom teacher or

5) Service-Learning Stewardship Event 3 hours Greenway educator


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