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What is a greenway?

Learn more about what the Greenway does and how important it is to teach the next generation about their environmental and surroundings.

how wolves change rivers

See the incredible changes that happened when wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park after being absent for nearly 70 years.

making way for salmon

This short film from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife highlights the need for funding to replace barrier culverts that prevent salmon from reaching their spawning grounds in Washington State.

Salmon are a Keystone Species

Salmon Fry Release

Watch Clark Elementary 4th and 5th graders release 230 Coho salmon fry into Issaquah Creek.

Salmon Life Cycle Song

Follow the life cycle of salmon in this parody video.

If Wilderness Could Speak...

The National Park Service invites you to enjoy the symphony of nature at the Olympic National Park.

Dog Doogity

King County's Dog Doogity music video spreads the message to scoop dog poop because "nobody wants to swim in poo."

Decomposers Song

Mr. Parr, a 6th grade science teacher, wrote this song about decomposers.

What is biodiversity?

Watch this video created by the Vancouver Film School to find out!

Forest Fact Break: Photosynthesis Explained Simply

Lost and (Puget) Sound: Restore Our Waters

Three teens follow a dropped key from the storm drain to the Puget Sound in this video produced by Seattle Public Utilities

bill nye the science guy: erosion


Book Cover: Who Eats What?

Who Eats What?

by Patricia Lauber

Book Cover: Salmon Stream

Salmon Stream

by Carol Reed-Jones

Book Cover: Tree in the Ancient Forest

the tree in the ancient forest

by Carol Reed-Jones

Book Cover: Pass the Energy, Please!

Pass the Energy, Please!

by Barbara Shaw McKinney

Book Cover: A Log's Life

A Log's Life

by Wendy Pfeffer

Book Cover: What If There Were No Gray Wolves

What If There Were No Gray Wolves?

by Suzanne Slade

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