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Greenway Trust Annual Report 2015-2016


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Letter from the President:

Twenty-five years of collaboration and hard work has helped sustain and nurture the Mountains to Sound Greenway. Our region's relationship with the inspiring landscape that surrounds us would be far different if not for the devoted, passionate, and visionary community members, businesses, government agencies, and donors who have joined together in the belief that when we have meaningful connections with our natural surroundings, our lives are better.

The next 25 years will continue to be shaped by our region's growth. The rest of the nation looks to the Pacific Northwest for creative solutions in how to balance human endeavor with environmental stewardship. We welcome new neighbors while making sure we don't love our open spaces and trails to death.

To meet these challenges and opportunities, the Greenway Trust developed a new strategic plan that commits us to conserving the landscape, making connections with our communities, and engaging more people as stewards of the Greenway. The strategic plan lays out a vision and path forward to assure the spirit and value of the relationship between the Greenway landscape and its inhabitants is felt by all for generations to come. Join us and read the full report.

- Kurt Fraese, Greenway Trust Board President


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